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Grumpy Old Git
21 Oct 2017
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I have a cheap benchtop planer thicknesser and thought I understood the principles of how to use it, that is until today.

I have a couple of lumps of wood that I need to square off all round as they are out between 1 and 3mm on both the thickness and the width, in other words it slopes.
I ran it over the planer a few times and have ended up with smooth wood that still has a slope to it :shock:

I was always under the impression that a P/T would square up the wood.

Am I doing something wrong by using the planer part to square up or should I be using the thicknesser, as with most of my question the answer is probably staring me in the face.

Thank you

You use the planer part of the P/T to get a flat face, then you use the thicknesser to get the second opposite face flat and parallel to the first one, carefull that you don't takeoff too much with the thicknesser if the wood has a "slope"...


You need to get one face flat, then make sure the fence is square with the bed of the planer, run the wood through again with the flat face tight against the fence and that should square it up with the first face. You can then use the thicknesser for the other two sides.
Thank you,

I know now exactly where I was going wrong, I was only using the planer part.

Thank you very much for your replies (it all makes sense now that you have told me)