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Pewter door knob


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30 Oct 2010
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Scottish Borders
I think you may be lucky to find this handle cheaper, unless there is someone on here who deals directly with PWS.

They only deal with you if you spend over £500 per month with them.

They are not interested in supplying the small manufacturer.

I do spend over £500 month on fittings most months but I will not be tied to one firm for my fittings and handles.

I would not touch them with a barge pole as there are a lot better companies out there who will bend over backwards to help their customers.

If you ring PWS direct you to this company http://www.diy-kitchens.com who are selling them at the same price.

So I guess that PWS are dictating the price their distributors are selling at.

I used to deal with PWS but got fed up with them moving the goal posts all the time and when they said I had to spend £500 a month with them to keep my account I said fine I will go elsewhere.


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