Pegas blades advice please?

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5 Dec 2012
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Hi All
Its been a while since I posted here, but I have a question.
I've always used Olson blades, but find the difficult to source in the UK. The pegas modified geometry are pretty much the same as the Olson mach blades, and would be happy to change to them BUT I've had a few now where there is a notch in the top of the blade making a weak spot so they break, is anyone else finding this? It was initially just the #5 but just bought some #3 and they have it too, is it normal?


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A while ago our American cousins had a lot of trouble with the Pegas blades breaking at the notch, they started to return any for new blades without the notch.
Thanks for that, I contacted Axminster, and they replaced the first lot of #5, but the new ones are the same, and now the #3 blades have arrived with it, I hate it when a company tries to give good service and it goes wrong, I can nip the blade off at the notch and work with a short blade , but it's a faff
I have always used Pegas blades and to be honest i have never noticed the notch in them so will check mine tomorrow, i was pretty bogged off with my latest batch of number 3 skip blades and snapped 5 in as many minutes until the next ones worked perfect. I buy mine fro Axminsters and always helpful if you have a problem with anything, I think many times i break blades because i don't fit them spot on so my own fault but will be interested to see if they have notches.
Brian :)
Definitely worth checking them. I have let Axminster know, as I say, they very quickly replaced the first lot, but hopefully they will check and get on to the manufacturers, who I have also contacted.
I also use Pegas MGT blades "almost" exclusively and so far have not seen the notch you're talking about on any. Just lucky? Dunno
Hi there

I have checked all my pegas blades and I have2 different styles in 4 sizes of each most of them I got from Axminster none of them have the notch in them
Hope it’s not a new feature if it causes breakage

I've been in touch with Axminster, who as ever, have been great and followed this up all the way through. I've sent them a copy of the reply from pegas, who have also been extremely helpful, so nice not to just be brushed off. As I say, I've been using some of the blades as I'm so low on stock, but I just wanted to know the score.