Parkside/Lidl plunge saw guide rails

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14 Sep 2013
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SW Herts
Just a note to be aware that if you buy an extra set of guide rails for the Parkside/Lidl plunge saw they won't come with an extra joiner.
The parts are spares, not an extension set, so it comes with just one joiner for the two rails. If you want to join them to the other supplied rails you'll either need to make or buy a suitable bar to join them on.
Total cost delivered was £23.92 and it took 8 days to deliver from Germany. Guide rail
Yes, they went 'unavailable' the day after I bought it last week, but hopefully will come back into stock. It was the first time I'd found an easy link to get hold of them, rather than having to email someone at Lidl.
The Excel track is also compatible, if a little more expensive, but stock availability of that varies too. It will also need an extra joiner to make best use of too.

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