Outhouse/shed door frame replacement - making wider!


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2 Jun 2015
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Hi all and hope you're all well.

Last time I was active was when I was making my lovely chicken coup (and thanks for the advice at that time). Been a while and due to a seriousheart infection in 2018 or 2017 I ended up rehousing the chickens and getting rid of the coup - just in case iy was related but turns out it was more than likely all the vaping and past smoking I was/had been doing.

Anyway, I'm back on track and got my swallow back. Riding 100 and 200 milers once more and aiming at my 4th Bearbones200 long distance mountain bike ride in a few months.

Sorry for the long intro but thought to explain myself and absence first ;-). So, I'm currently in the middle of a few projects and today I managed to cut a groove inside the door frame base I'd addedbto allow less of a gap after the flooring was laid.

Can't find any pics of that but basically it will allow the flooring to fit under the groove with an expansion gap. Without it having an ugly gaping gap from the expasion gap.

Back to current project/s. I'm thinking to tidy up the outhouse/cave but need alot more shelving it would seem. Got the wood but no design and if anyone can point me to any thread with various shelving/ideas designs that would be amazing.

Now to the doorframe that leads into this outhouse. It's knackered and allows too much moisture in during winter. Causing alot of rust to verious pieces of bike gear etc. I'm thinking to replacr with a used UPVC and frame. Problem I'm having is that my gap - brick to brick - is only 78cm. This leaves me limited options of a aecond hand unit.

What I'm therefore thinking is to attach a frame to bring the (brick) opening out. It would be slightly wider than the brickwork opening. Maybe making an inner dimension of whatever door and frame I managed to find. I'm thinking that this way I'd get away with a much wider door (roughly the same width as the brick opening would be good) and getting one that's opening outwards will open my options alot. Both in terms of the frame I build as well as not having the door opening inside the outhouse and restricting movement.

Pics below. I've included one of the inside of the current frame so you can see the brickwork a little. Also I cut away a little bit of the current timber frame to get an idea of what it looks behind. I did think briefly about shaving a bit of brick away to make the opening slightly wider but can't find an appropriate steel lintel and it's too much work/mess/cost.

Plan is to get reclaimed wood to make the current extended timber frame. One thing that's quite obviously worrying me is security. Would it be straightforward enough to make the extended frame secure..

Thanks in advance...