Other uses - Angle grinder.


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The angled on the bench as a mini drum sander is a neat idea💡
I think of the angle grinder as a rather fast and furious tool (10,000 rpm ish) and pretty much too messy to ever use indoors whether grinding, flap disc, stripping or wire wheel. Typical woodwork belt and disc sanders will be only 2,800 rpm with distinctly slower surface speeds.
I'd be concerned about the mess, but I do like the ideas.
Disappointing, he didn't show a solid wheel weed cutter or chainsaw. :):)
Very ingenious, very creative... He must have quite a workshop too...
This guy gets suggested to me quite a lot. He’s done very similar things with a circular saw for example.

His whole workshop seems to be basic power tools enhanced with clever jigs. Some more dangerous than others.
started with some of the safer adaptions I have seen and then rapidly became more dangerous as he started to use it one-handed pulling it towards his groin ;)

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