Oscillating Sanding Machines, Belt and Bobbin Type Any Good?


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7 Jan 2024
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Has anyone had any experience of these please, what they are like and whether they are worth buying ? l already have a combined Belt/Disk sander combined unit and I am wondering whether this would compliment that or be more useful ? Thank you



ps ignore the brand , the photo is just for representation only.

I bought one of these about 3 months ago but i'm yet to use it. Mine is the Triton branded one, the build quality seems average, mostly plastic but cast aluminum table. I would prefer it to be a bit more space-efficient, quite why they decided on all the curves i'm not sure...

Look forwards to reading the other replies to this with hopefully some experience
It really comes down to expectations, if you are looking for precise finishing then maybe not otherwise as part of preparation then it will be ok. For me when I was looking I did go round in circles for a while, wanted a decent bobbin sander but ended up with a belt and disc sander that has done what I required so any reason you are looking at these when you already have a belt sander ?
I bought one (different "brand" and colour, but looks exactly the same as your pic). I sold it on to a neighbour recently, and AFAIK, it's working fine (total of roughly 3 years old now). Only reason for selling was me slowly but surely packing up complete workshop/moving to a flat.

Mine was fairly noisy (universal brushed motor) but worked pretty well/did the job, and the DE was not too bad (AND the dust outlet was a straightforward fit direct on to the nozzle of my shop vac - now there's a rarity)! Despite what I anticipated, changing from belt to bobbin and vice versa was simple and quick.

Mine cost roughly 150 quid equivalent and I'd have no problem recommending it.

Very useful for all sorts of sanding & light shaping jobs (I also have a combi disc/belt sander) but (crossed with Spectric's post), agree that it's NOT a "precision" sander - but you can angle the table down to max 45 deg for champfers, etc (if I remember correctly).

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Ive a basic oscillating bobbin sander and it really has been a godsend. I use one of my belt sanders on its side and tbh its not ideal, an oscillating one would be a lot better, but when i bought the bobbin one they werent available.

Had I the choice again, I'd get the combined unit.
Probably the Scheppach version, as my bobbin sander is that make and its survived thus far.

It is what it is. Basically hobby rated, but they are handy kit to own
I have the Jet Bos5 and on the handful of times each year that I need it,there is no substitute.It really depends on the type of work you do.
Bisch Basch Bosch YouTube channel has just done a review video and follow on "improvement" video to the Scheppach version of that. It could be worth a watch to help your decision.
I have a Triton version, have had for around 3 years and its gets a heck of a lot of use in my production shop.
Buy good belts as cheaper ones wont track and you feel the join, my main belt choice is Klingspore 150G most of the things i edge sand are only around 10mm thick I usually rip off around 20mm at a time off the bottom of the belt to get good use out of them, a cleaning rubber is also needed
Triton bobbin sleeves are not cheap I use ones from Abrasive Finishes ltd
I would like a dedicated bobbin sander and long belt sander but space and money wont allow it at present.
If the triton went bang tomorrow I would replace like for like in the short term.

Hope this helps
Agree with Chief Sawdust Maker re the cleaning rubber (I added mine to some other internet buys from Axi, just to get to the reduced shipping charge point, but that rubber turned out to be a very good investment for ALL sanders). I also found a supplier of replacement bobbins at a good price (I only ever needed 2) but that's here in Switzerland, so won't help you I think.

Re belt tracking, I found mine rather sensitive to the adjustment knob position (only VERY small fraction of a turn made a BIG difference), but being pretty ignorant, I also found that belt slippage ("round and round, not up and down) was mainly due to me pressing the job against the belt too firmly. Less of a problem with the bobbins.
Just had my mind blown…what this young man is capable of is why his country has such a good reputation for engineering.

Apologies for the duration but it’s not like I’m making you watch it…