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2 Jan 2019
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Hi All, I am half way through building a kitchen and I'm at the point where I'm putting a cutting list together for the face frame and door stiles/rails. All of these are going to be made from Tulip wood. I have just put the cutting list into an online pricing page on Timber Source's website and was a bit shocked by the price. Now, I have never purchased hardwood in this sort of quantity before and I don't know if the price is fair or not. I have attached the Sketchup I have done to give you some Idea of the build. These are the prices quoted: PAR £1338.49. Cut to width £1132.67 Sawn only £1047.01.
Please can anyone give me an idea if these prices seem about right.

Many Thanks.


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Don't know if this helps but I just looked back and in February I paid £854.50+vat a cubic metre for 32mm Tulipwood. That is just rough sawn, random width boards.

Always best if you can plane it yourself so you can guarantee it is straight.