Old Shipwreck found on beach Orkney


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Well that was interesting to see. I'm in Spain and don't need a VPN to see it. It works fine but then most of the BBC doesn't actually want to watch one of their own programs after which you will need a VPN this I think was a news article so it gets presented with adverts over here in Sp.

I'll tell you what? I am surprised that it still hasn't been carted off by some itinerant woodworker or some kids for a nice bonfire on the beach to see and yes I guess it must've become detached from the sand at the bottom of the sea and was the shore somewhere amazing to see so thank you for posting

a real historical artefact and I do hope that someone will be able to, secure the site and excavate and preserve it for our scientific interest. History is one of the most important subjects and I wish it was taught to a much higher level than it is currently because only from history can we learn how to plan our futures.

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