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30 Jul 2020
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I have an old machine of my dads and I would really like to sell it before it is no use to anyone. Its a kitty thicknesser planer. 363 and it is mounted on a workbench. Its not been used in a few years but I know my dad looked after his machines. Can anyone suggest anywhere that buys them. I dont know enough about it to sell it on ebay but I have seen posts where people are looking for parts and thought someone might use it for spares, although Im pretty sure it still works. Any help, email addresses phone numbers of anyone that could help, that
would be appreciated.
to help u out.....
look in the local paper or facebook or down the pub, they are prety much everywhere now, LOOKING for "Men in Sheds" they will prob give a few quid for it and it will still get some use.....
a lot of people donate old tools n machines to this CHARITABLE org.....
these people teach diff crafts to newly retired pensioners to keep em outta trouble....hahaha....
they make n sell n repair stuff for other charities n hospices....
I know I would if I lived back in the UK....a totally a good couse....
If you want to sell it you don't really need to know much about it as anyone interested would probably have a good idea or at least know where to look for information, all you need to do is list what you do know honestly and submit as many photos as allowed.

If it's ebay auction then you get what you get minus selling and probably paypal fees but I would say collection only or they arrange their own courier.

Alternatively try to work out a price you would be comfortable with ( not easy ) and give it a go for free on Facebook marketplace and Gumtree, nothing to lose and you might find a local buyer.


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