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20 Apr 2008
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I have all my dad carpentry tools/saws /planes .Still have them and loved useing them However my hands a wrist are full of arthuritus and give me pain if i use them to much so now have to use electrical tools
Nothing wrong with that. I find time is my enemy, I use power tools to quickly get me close to finish and then often use hand tools to finish. I think it's the finished piece that counts and that you made it yourself.

I know a very good antique furniture restorer who use a lot of power tools to repair furniture but when any customers come around to his workshop, they are all hidden and you will only ever see hand tools on the bench!!!
As long as you can enjoy making things I think that's the important part. I know of at least one high end furniture company that use CNC routers for the grunt work, then pieces are finished by hand. That's a whole skill set I'd need another lifetime to get to grips with though

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