Maybe a hand tool?

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14 Feb 2024
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Essex, England
I have been looking to replace the old Wickes cordless drill for a while now, but instead I ended up buying a different type of cordless drill, a Goodell Pratt hand cranked bench drill patented 1895, and working as good as new with a bit of 3 in 1 oil and gt85. Its hand powered so I will say it counts as a hand tool for me.

Definitely still needs some cleaning up, and a new table as the original is missing but for a 130 ish year old tool I'm impressed. If anyone has used or owned one and has any practical advice with these things, either for use or disassembly, it will of course be appreciated, I had never seen one until I bought this.
You could perhaps make a table that rests on the bracket but is held secure in the vice. Looks a nice old bit of kit.
Hope you can pat your head whilst rubbing your tummy lol.
Remember with the top one you aren't trying to push the drill through. Just apply constant pressure and as the drill cuts your hand will slowly turn as the drill drops.