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23 Jun 2023
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Hi , just joined your site and spent the weekend going through the posts and had my eyes opened a bit.

I started making things with wood about 5 yrs ago after a brief illness put me out of work for 9months, luckily i have a family member with his own furniture making business and i could basically help myself to any offcuts,if it went in a bin i could take it,so like a kid in a sweetshop i took everything i could..upshot is,i now have way too much and its actually making things difficult.

I have given quite a lot away to friends and anyone else local. Long story short, what sizes of wood are turners looking for if there are generic sizes or do you just buy what you can get?

to be clear,i didnt come here just to sell stuff as i am to busy for that just now,its just that at some point i will have to get this garage empty and i need to start thinking about the best way to do that.

the photos represent prob a quarter of my problem!


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van load gone already, another van load going to shepton flea market (larger boards +leftover builds) then maybe i can get my car back in its garage :>
As buyers of wood for turning and such what would constitute a really good bundle if i were to make up some bundles to sell, i am looking to finish off clearing the other garage and have always collected but never sold the wood so just need a few pointers on making up some good deals for people, it is all furniture grade oak and walnut some planed 4 sides some on 2 . I don't have ebay or the time for it..so what would a good target price be and what would be in it for you to say "i'm buying that"?
As buyers of wood for turning and such what would constitute a really good bundle if i were to make up some bundles to sell
have a look at some of the online stores that sell turning blanks, that will give you an idea of demand and sizes.

Short version is, everything is square. It's either (bigger) square and thin (bowl blanks) or (smaller) square and long (spindle blanks). If you've got big boards, you might be tempted to process into larger blanks, but the smaller blanks are likely to sell quicker. If your wood has bows/twists, then aim for smaller blanks to negate some of that.