North bros 1003 bench drill - dismantling?

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I decided to cut the housing off and then to try and find a replacement bearing.

Looking at the result I think this was the right decision, - the top of the housing appears to have been forced down over the top of the ball bearings, all of which were very corroded. The C-washer shows signs of wear, and I assume that the second groove on the spindle was caused by the housing after it could no longer spin freely (and was this was what was catching the top of the casing).

I have ordered a replacement bearing and bush that I think will fit and will attempt a repair next weekend. Annoyingly, when I last took the drill apart I was not paying attention when removing the lever that controls the feed and the tiny spring that keeps it in position pinged off (never to be seen again), and I seem to have mangled the thread in the top of the spindle during my attempts to remove the bearing. So one step forward, two steps back . But I am not giving up yet!


PS ball bearing fans should check out - a top site if you are into that kind of thing.

fair play to Simply Bearings Ltd, I placed my order at 4pm on Friday and it arrived this morning at 10am.

I also found a replacement spring and screw.

So tune in tomorrow for the thrilling denouement!

success! the new ball bearing and housing are shown assembled below - I made a small plastic washer to take up the slack and the drill now works.

It does occasionally stick momentarily when raising the drill upwards - I think this is due to some wear on the spigot and the part that mounts he spindle to the drive shaft - but otherwise runs smoothly.

I will do a new post with a video showing it in action and have a go at explaining how it works.


That must feel very satisfying, after all the time and effort you have invested so far!
Excellent! Good job :)

Clever little things aren't they? I can never get over how good that down-feed is!

I might well make a more detailed article on this (and other) drill at some point, your write up will be a useful reference ;)