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31 Mar 2024
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West midland
Hi l have been lurking on the site for a while. Totally new to Woodturning. I’m looking for advice on a lathe !!! Bowl turning mainly, preferably used, and something I won’t have to change/ grow out of. All advice great fully received. Budget £500 to £700.
If you're serious about bowl turning, aim for something with 14" swing or more and 1hp motor power. There are plenty of second hand lathes on the market which would extend your budget to the next level up.
Avoid uncommon/oddball brands which may have unusual spindle threads as that will ultimately limit your choice of accessories. Go for something with either M33 or 1" x 8tpi spindle threads as those are becoming the two common standards.
You will need a lathe as you say, and for bowl turning a chuck, for any turning you will need a basic set of tools, maybe 5 or 6, and a way to sharpen them, at the very least a grinding wheel. As a rough guide, you need a budget of £500 on top of the lathe cost. That's not to put you off, it's to be realistic. If you have a local woodturning club get in touch, they may have a member giving up who is looking to sell their full kit, and will certainly have helpful people. AWGB occasionally has members selling kit on their forum. There is a link to the forum on their homepage.
Thank you all for your input. I have been offered a Woodfast C1000 with I believe a Vicmark chuck, and twenty odd brand name chisels. For £500 the only trouble is it’s 200 miles away from me. The seller is a little (shall we say ) vague with the question's I’m asking !!! Like is it a DC motor, HP, it looks in good condition from the photos. ?????
Just as a PS is there any one has had a woodfast lathe. That is willing to
Say what they are like ??? Thanks in advance 👍

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