new ex30 scroll saw

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14 Dec 2016
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Hi I received my new saw today and got it running tonight, cut a couple of nine piece puzzles, it was dad quiet and no vibrations, the old one must have been on the fritz a long time.

take care
@aramco Did you have troubles with the whole saw vibrating, or only a part of it? The top arm of my EX21 started vibrating on max speed so much it´s literally moving side to side.
hi the whole saw was vibrating , but it came down to the the arms that fasten the blades in, the 6 bushes had worn and the whole arm moved, and there was no control of the blade it just went where it felt it wanted to go, just hold the blade holder ,machine off, and move it from side to side, there should be no movement at all, if there is movement that is where your problem is, my replacement saw has no movement side to side at all.

hope this helps,
take care
I did that and did not find anything wrong. When I applied more force, the top arm was flexing sideways a bit, which I find normal. I´ll try to catch that vibration on a video.
Axminster is going to pick up my saw so I´m hoping it´ll end up the same way as with yours :)
hi it took emails to the CEO to get my result, maybe it would be a good idea send one to him/ her, thats the only way I succeed. I was unhappy that my warranty did not get extended but there is another email going off soon, again to the CEO, always p to the head of the fountain, its the only way to get positive results,

good luck