New competition-Rocking horse plans.

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22 Mar 2004
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Rochford, Essex
I made this rocking horse for my granddaughter a couple of years ago and found the plans recently while having a tidy up in the workshop. I don't need them so thought I would offer them here. They will go to the person submitting the best child related woodworking project. "Best" will be decided by Charley and Alf and the closing date will be 15th December. The entry doesn't have to be made especially for the competition, anything made for a child anytime is OK. The hardware and more information about the horse can be found here



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And the winner is.................. No one!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I will just put them back in the drawer. Pity really as my granddaughter has had loads of fun on it.

Not a bid for the plans, but as a matter of interest, has anyone found an economical (i.e. cheaper than the Rocking Horse Shop) source of manes and tails? I'm just unpicking some sisal bindertwine (shows my age, most balertwine is polywhatnot now) to use on a rather tatty horse I am completing, but the real thing would look better.
Hi John,

I an ashamed to say I forgot to post the stuff I have done, :oops:
Hereis the chair I made for our granddaughter and hereis the one I am currently finishing for her little brother, as instructed, as 4 year old Bronwyn has a certain way with words and I had no option but to make a second one. :shock:
I have a number of thesein production, not sure that delivery will be on time for all of them. :roll: So just like the real thing.

How old is your granddaughter? Bronwyn is mad on horses not sure if her mum would be to pleased too have such a large toy in the house. :?
hi Dave, Love the bike. Granddaughter is now 5 but small for her age. The horse is advertised as suitable for 3 - 6 years but wiil be OK for at least another couple of years. Make one and keep it at your house?

Let me know if you want the plans and I will send them.