My Incra router table build

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Does anyone know if this also applies to the Jessem?
Hi Spectric. Exactly the same for the Jessem. You have to lock the adjuster first and then turn the disc, then unlock for in use adjustments. The little plastic disc is fairly stiff and needs good pressure from both fingers but it doesnt slip in use
My procedure is once I have fitted the cutter I set the height to zero. Then zero the height wheel. Then I know all adjustments are being made from a base level
In practice if I am making a series of passes I only lock the height for the last one but I have never noticed any movement
Mine was incredibly stiff at first. I had to put a pair of rubber gloves on to get friction purchase
This does sound like Sporky has a lift with an issue, it cannot be that hard to move that disk and with so much advice and info from others including the video from MikeK it does not come across as user error.

I really wish Sporky all the best in getting this resolved with a happy ending.
WWW have offered some shim stock, instructions on getting the depth dual to move, and a partial refund (there was also an offer to replace the stringer, top, and handle but I'd already dealt with those).

I accept that I should have contacted them sooner, though the issues weren't all apparent at the outset. Faith restored in WWW, if not in Incra.

Hinges for the left side door have arrived too, and I have a plan to tidy up the drawer fronts with some miniature aluminium U-channel. Or maybe brass.
I am pleased to report that the shim stock has worked beautifully, and the lift dial does now turn (it's very, very stiff still so I may try shaving the O-ring just a little) whereas before it was rock-solid. Thanks to Chris (and Peter) at WWW and everyone else. I've already spent the partial refund at WWW (or, rather, agreed on a useful thing rather than a refund, which I think works out well for everyone).

The aluminium U-channel has arrived too and will finish off the drawer fronts nicely, that's a job for this weekend, and I'll get the door onto the left hand side too. Then all that's left is to put in some 6mm ply bits to guide dust and chips to the dust outlet. I'll gradually add hooks and so on to the outside to store whatever I find myself using most often, but for the moment there's loads of drawer space.