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12 Sep 2017
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I've just received some estimates for picture frames. :shock:

I have a few pictures to do and am wondering whether to do it myself using a guillotine? I've looked at the Morso F and they are £2000+, clearly too much for me. But second hand they seem to range from £300-£900 on eBay.

Can anyone give me any advice please on buying these second hand and what to look out for? The mechanics of them seem to be quite straight forward (famous last words!)

I know that the one that is linked to a compressor isn't well liked. Other than that they seem to be pretty bullet proof.
Just make sure you get the "F" not the "N", the N is a notcher.
Parts are reaily avaliable and blades need to be hollow ground, so best sent away.
You can get small hand guillotines, orteguil do a good one, £100 secondhand ish.
Try to get one with both extension tables and the measure.
The chute is also good otherwise bits end up everywhere.
Make sure the two frame supports are present, often one is missing / broken.
If your doing it commercially you will want three sets of blades. One on, one at the sharpeners and one for when you Nick the blade. They are pricey to buy!
The blade moving handle rack is often very worn.

I suspect there will be a few framing companies shutting up selling off all there stuff in a few weeks time unfortunately.
By happy chance I'm having a clear out and just happen to have a Morso to get rid of - no longer use it. If you're interested give me a shout.

Apart from that, they are the mutts when it comes to framing. It can be done on a (good) SCMS but its a right pita. Depending on the amount you need to do you might also be well served by a cheap 2nd hand underpinner.