Modern Italian table

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Steve Maskery

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26 Apr 2004
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My friend Francesco has made this video of a modern coffee table in padauk. It's all in Italian, but once the talking is over it is worth watching for the techniques (well, most of them...). I think it is beautiful. He says it is the most challenging piece he's ever made. I'm not surprised.

Excellent, Steve. Not really my cup of tea, but the work looked great. He needs to sort that guard on his planer!!
You are absolutely right, Mike, though my bigger worry was the tablesaw (cue the pushsticks). But a magnificent project. I could not hope to deliver that.
Thank you Steve, I enjoyed watching that and the work was excellent. I have to say, I was impressed with the mechanical joint using the threaded insert at the 10 minute mark. That was some accurate drilling.

As a side note, noticed a Gof1600 router with a trouble free plunge base. :D
Thanks Steve I enjoyed that very much, had to turn the sound off though cos it's in some alien lingo. :lol:

Do you know how many hours were invested in the table?
Francesco says it is 130 hours of work. If you have any questions he will be happy to answer them (in English!) in the YouTube comments.