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20 Aug 2019
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A while ago on here, I asked about making my table saw mobile to gain the mobility and utilize the space around it efficiently. A few good ideas came through.

I also needed to change the stand it was sitting on as it was too low for my height.

So I set about designing a workstation type solution into which I shall integrate my router setup one day, thus reclaiming the footprint of my router table.

But every design I came up with involved buying a bit of materials, and actually spending a few hours properly building it.

Then I decided against it and slowly started looking for a solid wood coffee table of the desired width to accommodate the table saw and the router extension width with decent storage.

Finally found one yesterday and got it home. Made of pine, it is 1.2m wide and 60cm H X 60cm D with open cubbies for storage.

On the way home, got some 100mm castors and two lengths of 2x4 of 1.2m each.

Screwed the 2x4 underneath and secured it from underneath into the vertical dividers of the cubbies with some long screws. Also screen in from the sides.

Attached the castors leaving enough room for full 360 degree swivel.

Transferred the 80kg table saw on to the new surface, about 100mm or so higher, two feet at a time using some plastic bags under the rubber feet to help them slide.

Removed the old stand from the space and tucked the new table there, but this time pushing it all the way to the wall as I can pull it back for longer rips, gaining me 65cm of space in front for when I'm not using the saw.

Also the deep cubbies mean I can store the table saw fence, mitre fence, push sticks, router bits and accessories, and odd bits and bobs.

The stand which I have removed will also be used as a mobile stand for the from press. Then I can use the OSB box the drill press is standing on to store my Cyclone separator bin.

Nice job, it's always good to reclaim some much needed space.
But mostly I'm liking your pics because your workshop makes mine appear tidy. :)
Nice job, it's always good to reclaim some much needed space.
But mostly I'm liking your pics because your workshop makes mine appear tidy. :)
Why do you think I started "stuff everywhere" meltdown thread a few weeks ago?? :p:p

Believe it or not, this is after I sorted some stuff, got rid of bits and "organised" few things here and there. Still a long way to go, of course.
I sympathize - I'm just the same!

Keeping a tidy workbench is my constant battle!

Cheers James

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