Mitre saw wood blade v Brad nails

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25 Feb 2022
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Evening everyone

Has anyone ever (planned or by chance/accident!) cut through a brad nail with their circular saw/mitre saw. I’m hoping I’ll be able to cut through them with a wood blade but just wondering if I’m risking ruining my blade or whether it should be ok. Problem is I’ve made up some mouldings and need to cut a 45 mitre exactly where I’ve fired a 64mm brad in, grrrr

They are usually quite soft. You could test yours by snapping one off the strip and cutting it with side cutters or pliers.
I have hit a couple chiselling out latch receivers and they chipped the chisel ( which was dumb because I fired in the pins 😆🤣 these days i mark the rough height and avoid architrave pins in that area )
A circ saw blade will be fine, though it may do damage to the workpiece as the pin could do damage as it evacuates the wood and you'll need eye protection. A planer will cut them too in most cases, but it will damage the cutting edge if you hit a few
you could look at the evolution blades (the ones that come with their saw) which will cut wood with nails, and various other softer metals. I know that the saws run slower, so that might be a factor
I’d not worry about a few modern day nails tbh - I’ve recently taken up a floor in a old house where the original floor boards have a thin steel plate about 1 mm thick and 25 mm wide inserted as a loose tongue on every joint ( for what reason I don’t know) also I’ve hit several old school flooring brads and it’s completely killed my c/saw blade


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