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4 Nov 2005
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Forest of Dean, uk
hi everyone, was just going through camera memory and found these so thought i would share these with you. First is a 3 way mirror i build as a crimbo pressie for my brothers girlfriend. The other two are pics of our kitchen i built year before last. Took me nearly 3 months to build and a lot of headache but i think it was worth it. As you can tell i lke ash very much!



They look very nice indeed :) . Thanks for sharing them with us.

Hi there,

Lovely job. I especially like the mirror, could I ask what are the dimesions, how are the wings fitted, and where have you bought any of the hardware from????. I'd like to steal your idea, the only ones I have made in the past have been a single swivel mirror with a draw beneath.

Sorry so many questions but I would like to build one :) :) :)

Cheers Alan.
Love the breadbin - that really makes it special!

In all seriousness, it looks absolutely fantastic - good job, I bow to your superior skills!
Agree with all the above - both look fantastic,and the kitchen looks very professional - might have taken three months,but was well worth it :D

thanks everyone,
waterhead, yes i made the carcases myself. They are out of 18mm maple egger chipboard. I was only planning to change the doors and built them to fit the old kitchen but then i decided to replace the whole lot. If i had thought about that to start off with i possably would have changed it a lot more.

gwaithcoed the dimesions are,
centre mirror - 500mm*400mm
outer mirrors - 500mm*250mm

the frames are made from 40mm*25mm and are staggared tennoned and rebated from the back. You will have to be carefull with the base as when the two outer mirrors are turned round the weight will make it tip if it isnt large enough.
The fittings i bought from hafele, i think isaac lord will supply them if you arnt trade though.

The hafele code for the outer mirror hinges is 294.13.116
The cetre pivot hinges are 294.40.506

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Excellent orangetlh, I am just considering doing our kitchen. How did you construct the carcasses? Did you follow a certain method/plan or was it your own construction?
hi wizer, well they are sort of standard. What i do is make the base of the unit full width of carcase, that way the weight of the base, shelves and worktop arnt hanging on the screws. Then build in normal way but with a full height 9mm back grooved in 50mm from the back. I literally just screw them together with 2" carcase screws and cover the ends of the unit with a timber end panel. Its hard to explain. I will try and take some photos of a assembled carcase at work tomorow.
Hi, Orange nice work

Did you machine the moulding on the cornus on top of the kitchen cabinets?

Thanks simon, yeh i machined the cornice myself. I have to confess i did do that on the spindle at work. everyting else was built in m garage.
well for the profile it was just one. It is one we have had ground to our profile and it only fits in a 100mm block. Its a bit of a beast once it gets going. Then we just chamfer the back on both sides to make it 45 degrees

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