Microsoft Edge: how do I get rid of it?

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Edge has got a heck of a lot better than it was when first released,
Saying that though it still has a long way to go before it can be classed as a good browser and it is so much better than internet explorer ever was.
Sorry got a dizzy spell due to remembering internet explorer (Oh the pain .......... )
My win 10 laptop has updated itself and I now have edge. But its an icon on the desktop. I still use the opera icon to visit the web.

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sunnybob":k596nw2u said:
But its an icon on the desktop. I still use the opera icon to visit the web.

If its just desktop clutter that is bothering you, right click the icon and choose delete from the drop down menu. Or just drag the icon to the recycle bin icon if you have it. It deletes the icon, not the app so you can still find it in the start menu.

Edge will open if you use any MS help function in e.g. excel or word regardless of the browser you normally use.
I had to use Control Alt Delete to remove the pop-up that appeared with the update. Otherwise, I would have had to accept whatever the Edge pop-up wanted me to do (I think have a preview/ trial of Edge) as the only way of getting the pop-up to pop off. It was at that point that I started looking around for my Bill Gates doll and the pins.
RogerS":mlgkxtrm said:
MikeG.":mlgkxtrm said:
The damn thing appeared on my screen last night, and there appears to be no way of getting rid of it. If anyone else did this it would treated at a cyber attack. Does anyone know what I have to do to rid myself of this plague?

Buy a Mac ? :wink:

problem level doesn't rise to needing something 3 times as expensive that lasts half as long.
edge showed up on my pc last night after login and internet explorer disappeared. I'm thinking that whatever edge does or whats to be, it can do just like IE did before - nothing. It'll be nothing and do nothing and sit in the background.

I'm sure their motivation is clear - google makes a HUGE amount of money with chrome by recording everything you do in little data packets that they can sell. I can't really fault microsoft for trying to get the data packets that say where you go and what you like to buy to come from them instead of google.
I use internet explorer. Can't fault it. Bang fast. Up to date and totally secure.
Just a heads up for those who don't use it... it appears there might be new strain of flu about. IE is nothing theres been a few minor case in Wuhan City. (That's in China apparently).
Probably nothing to worry about over here mind you.
I used IE until I was forced to change to chrome by google.
I used chrome until it went belly up on me and would not hold any data I needed it to.
I went to opera (strangely, run by google) and it works fine.
Until the day opera stops working for me, the "Edge" icon will stay just there, on the edge of my screen.
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