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21 Dec 2011
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I have a very small space I turn in - mainly because I brew beer in the rest of the garage and beer and dust don't go well. Anyway I wanted a small air cleaner. The Microclene units looked OK but I didn't like the price. My space is so small an MC100 might almost have done or an certainly an MC400. I did find they were quite noisy though, well the MC400 and up were. Anyway, me being me, I set about making my own version. The fan I got was way way bigger than I needed, probably a bit bigger than the one in the MC760. Fan cost 30 pounds from fleabay. I figured if I ran the fan as a slower speed there would be still plenty of air movement but much less noise. So I added a fan controller. The case is plywood offcuts and the mesh is galvanized wire from B&Q. The unit is constructed by bracing 2 sheets of ply (one with intake hole) together using steel studding and nuts and bolts. This allowed me to adjust the gap between the top of the fan and the intake baffle. Then the rest was simply built around it. The filter is a microclene MC760 filter.

I am glad I got the fan controller as it is loud. Also, on full speed the thermal cutout in the fan trips after about 2 hours of use. Turn it down a bit and the fan is much quieter and keeps running all day long.




Total price was about 70 pounds and it suits my needs better than the smaller Microclene units as it is not so loud. It can also be turned up if I ever want to use it in a bigger space.


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