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Sold Lots of wood for sale.


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Adam Hodges

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29 Nov 2019
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I am moving to Sweden in two weeks and have quite a lot of wood I need to get rid of. Some is planed. Some is planed on one side and some is rough sawn. All dimensions are written on timber but please ask if you have any questions. Open to reasonable offers for all. Otherwise I can sell them at 20 pounds each for the smaller boards or 75 pounds for the larger rough sawn.

3 oak boards 1200mm long 200mm wide and 25mm thick.

3 maple boards left is 1100 long 200 wide 15 thick. Middle 1350 long 135 wide 25 thick. Right 1350 long 190 wide 10 thick.


Left to right.
Number 1 is cherry I think but not 100% 1530 long 180 wide 20 thick.
Number 2 is ash 1220 long 190 wide 30 thick.
Number 3 is unknown but is 1560 long 220 wide and 25 thick.
Number 4 is walnut 1200 long 120 wide and 30 thick.
Number 5 is cherry 1510 long 180 wide and 20 thick.
Number 6 is cherry 1600 long 180 wide and 30 thick.

All 3 rough oak, top all 2400 long, 200 wide and 30 thick.

Rough maple 2400 long, 240 wide and 35 thick.

Box of scrap for free to whoever wants it also.
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I think you need to be more specific.
Species, length, width and thickness for each piece.
I am in Cambridge in the cb5 area. And apologies for lack of specifics. The length width and thickness is written on each board. But will amend the listing now to make it clearer.
Nice to meet you today Adam , some very nice pieces of timber ( shame I couldn’t buy it all LOL)

enjoy Sweden let us know how you get on with ya new workshop