Long grommets for fat panels?


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21 Aug 2017
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I've got a casting that has a cable exit. The hole is 19mm across, the cable is 9mm diameter and the panel is 2cm thick.
Any suggestions for suitable grommets?
suppose you could make a pvc mould wax it and use latex to make one or use slicone sealant
use epoxy to fit a cable gland to each side of the casting if theres a real chance of wear and tear. If not, glue the outside one in and put a zip tie on the cable inside to stop it being pulled through the gland by accident.
And DO NOT over tighten the gland. The number of mains leads I had to replace because the cable had been completely crushed is beyond count.
If the unit is likely to moved around, either use the zip tie on the inside as I said, or tie a loose knot in the cable just inside the case because rubber glands either get tightened so much that the cable is crushed to death, or not tightened enough so the cable slides out and pulls the terminals off.