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25 Feb 2022
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Good evening everyone

I’m embarking on a corner wardrobe build at home. Doors will be shaker style full overlay 22mm MRMDF rails and stiles with 9mm MRMDF panels with floating tenons (thanks for the youtube videos if you’re reading this Peter Millard :)). The doors will be tall (approx 500x2300) so they will also have a middle rail slightly wider than the top and bottom rail.

The bit I’m struggling with is how to design the corner unit where I’ve effectively got one row of wardrobes meeting a second perpendicular. What is the best way to build this so that the furthest corner of the wardrobe remains accessible? I’ve been trying to work out if it’s possible to build the two cabinets that would meet at the corner without only one side (does that make sense?!).

Any suggestions massively welcome!

I find the best way to visualise a problem like this is to draw it in a 2D cad package which takes little time but you can work out the alignment, angles and corners to get what you want.
I did one a lot of years ago, the two doors that met to form the corner were hinged together so that they both opened bifold style, but no runners or tracks, all freeform. This opened up all the space in the corner, I seem to remember that I had a curved rail in there as well for hanging.
Think kitchen corner units - there seems two main options:
  • access to the end of one unit is seriously compromised as it uses only a single door
  • a two door solution with each opening independently or hinged together. It is then possible yo access the back corner easily
Both solutions benefit from 180 degree hinges which allows the open door to lie against the adjacent door rather than restricting access.
If you can actually access the (or any) corner, get some big boxes, cardboard or just masking tape on the floor. Using real measurements
Play about and see what ideas come into play
We laid out our bedroom like that.
Works well.
Like Terry above, my first thought was kitchen corner units. Is there a place displaying kitchens near you, it may give you ideas on how to adapt the door to your needs.

Just a side thought, have you thought about having the door/wardobe at a 45' joining the 2 wardrobes?

Something like the photo?

Hi all

Thanks for all the suggestions some really good advice. And on the back of this I’ll be heading to ikea tomorrow to see if I can get any inspiration. I’ll try not to buy too many dime bars 😂.

You eat one time only at Ikea just to see what it's like. It's not bad but when its ticked off the list that will do. I have been to Skandinavia quite a few times and the food is kind of like my mum's cooking. That said Scandinavian breakfasts are really good and set you up for the day.
Ikea is not a bad place to for design ideas either.