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15 May 2008
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Market Warsop, Notts
After watching a tutorial by Travis on the scrollsaw village forum here is my first attempt at intersecting word art.
It's cut from 1/4" Oak veneered mdf and is 10" x 8" finished with Danish oil.
Not bad for a first attempt, not perfect but the wife likes it.
Comments welcome
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Really nice piece of cutting Steve. Very well done. The lines are all straight and it's a really nice looking finished job. Tick ;-)
Blimey that looks fiddly to do! looks excellent, did you use laminate flooring for it? just wondered as we were looking at some this week and was lovely stuff (plus the carpet shop manager said they usually throw their offcuts away but i can have them if i want :cool: wasn't sure what i could make with them)
Thanks for the comments guys, Claymore, no it wasn't flooring but offcuts of oak veneered mdf from a friend who got a load from a joinery shop.
happy scrolling
That's a nice piece of work, Steve. It's the first time I've seen text over text and it is very effective. Well done and thanks for showing us something different.
Steve - very nicely done, seen the style before, but never tried it myself, the Oak Veneered MDF I have also used and even have some pre-glued oak strips., for edging.

Maybe when I get time (heaven forbid) will try a doing like you have

Cannot remember who it was, maybe Chippygeoff who used the inlays, which with this style two contrasting colours would be awesome

Great work
I was looking at that tutorial the other day Steve you done a great job