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29 Jan 2017
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Every other August Bank Holiday my local church organises a spectacular flower festival which attracts hundreds of visitors. However the organisers and their insurance companies are increasingly aware that if a visitor has even the most minor of mishaps, a claim may be a possibility. To get round this they have been advised to put up some warning notices.
So the church approached me to see if I could make some stands that support the said notices. At this point, I should mention that I have a bit of history in making stands for the church - 3 in fact - 1 for leaflets and 2 for kandles. How could I not agree?
The Spec
1. Three stands about 4ft high to take A3 landscape notices. (Landscape more imposing than portrait apparently)
2. Must remain upright in wind (Beaufort No. not specified)
3. To have long (like string) life
4. Notices must be replaceable - stronger wording may be needed in future!
5. Wood materials to be supplied by the client
6. Sundries and labour to be supplied free of charge by the contractor

So a few days later the timber arrived. It consisted of a few leftover bits of oak floorboard (usually described as 'character' grade) and a couple of bits fabricated oak kitchen worktop.

So here's what I came up with:-

Clause 1- achieved - no extra charge for angled noticeboard, but extra Brownie points received.
Clause 2 - achieved by hiding a heavy concrete block (liberated from an obsolete storage heater) in the base box.
Clause 3 - oak -tick
Clause 4 - a removable frame holds the notice in place - tick
Clause 5 - plywood, glue, biscuits, labour supplied as agreed, but I did charge a cup of tea and a biscuit (edible) for delivery as that was not discussed during the negotiation.

If any of you are in the Tewkesbury area over the Bank Holiday weekend, the Flower Festival is well worth a visit. The church is one of the very few Saxon churches that have survived. It is right on the banks of the River Severn at Deerhurst. There will be plenty of other interest besides the flowers. You may well be interested in a number of items that I have made over the years for the church.
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