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13 Nov 2006
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The 200mm 11 grain Cabinet Makers rasp from Noel Liogier arrived yesterday for a review and pass around.

I already have a number of rasps from various suppliers so I thought it might be useful to compare them - though I do not possess ones of the same grades.
The Dick and the WH ones are Chinese? and much coarser - the WH one also has much less stitches to the inch as can be seen from the photos - they are also much cheaper.
I must also add that these are a few years old and they are not similar to current products.


5 Rasps to compare; from the top Workshop Heaven, Auriou, Dicks, Liogier








Auriou 12 grain 7"




Workshop Heaven No. 6 grain






A piece of English Walnut just over1" thick


After a couple of minutes work



When I purchased my Aurious a few years ago I tended towards the finer grades as they remove material at a tremendous rate and the Liogier is no exception.
I worked on the walnut for no more than 3 or 4 minutes and the rasp left a very clean finish that would only need a bit of sanding to complete.

The WH* and Dick ones are not in the same league. Their cut rate is much slower and they leave a coarse finish.
(* These are no longer sold by WH - they now sell a range of Hand Stitched Continental Rasps)

Comparing the two French ones is more difficult especially as I did not have identical types to compare.
They both perform very well. The stitching on the Liogier is more uniform/accurate (see photos ) and has a nice balance.
The Auriou handle is perhaps more stylish but the Liogiers is more chunky and I preferred it as it fitted my hand better.
The Liogier much cheaper than the Auriou - the one supplied costs 56Euros whereas an Auriou would be about £80 from CHT (CHT do not sell exactly the same rasp as the Liogier, but a 7" Modellers costs £75 and 10" 10 grain Cabinet costs £99).

For those looking for this type of tool I would have no hesitation in recommending the Liogier.

Must check the list and pass it on - anybody else interested in trying it please PM me.

The rasp shown in the pic from WH is the Chinese rasp that Matt used to stock some time ago, of which I have a selection. Looking at the WH site, he no longer stocks them but has 'Continental' (presumably made in Europe) rasps instead, so I wonder how they compare to the ones in your review? - Rob
So far I have received requests and their details from:

Paul Chapman

Condeesteso and Mignal expressed an earlier interest but have not been in touch?



Found this in a box of tools from a car-boot. Wondering if this is a hand-stitched rasp?
It's about 7 inches in length - excluding the tang.
Seems quite old and Moses Eadon seem to have disappeared long ago.
Looks a bit too uniform to be hand stitched?
I have a similar Nicholson one and an even coarser one that I cannot identify.

Cambournepete - you try it out for a few days, comment on it if you wish and pass it on to the next recipient.
Cost of postage is about £3.

PM me your address if you are interested and I will add you to the list?

RogerP":29ss45nb said:
Found this in a box of tools from a car-boot. Wondering if this is a hand-stitched rasp?
It's about 7 inches in length - excluding the tang.
Seems quite old and Moses Eadon seem to have disappeared long ago.

I would say machine-made :1) the teeth are perfectly aligned from bottom right to up left (more obvious on the top picture) ; 2) even if quite dull now they were round-shaped (easier to do than triangular shape, these is why machine made have this shape) ; and 3) they are not "handed" (aligned towards the tip of the rasps, not silghtly directed towards the left or on the right for left-handed or right-handed persons).
So far I have received requests and their details from:

Paul Chapman

Posted on to Jim yesterday.

Received the parcel this morning Rod...thanks mate.

Since Rod has done a full comparison review I will refrain...and in any case...I don't have such beautiful rasps to compare it to...only machine ones like Nicholson and other Sheffield ones...quite coarse and used for major stock removal.

Ok...out of the box...


The rasp comes in a protective plastic sleeve/box which is great as these tools are often damaged by other hardened steel nearby.

The steel is obviously high quality which would be expected in a high class product but I was a little disappointed by the handle and pressed ferrule...I guess I am a bit of a traditionalist, preferring a brass's just a small point and doesn't of course affect the quality of the finished cut.

The stitching is a work of art...


...having watched the video it is clearly done by a true craftsman...something to be admired.....


...and a pleasure to see.

So..I thought I would try some softwood first because I happened to have a piece that was a stand for my model yacht...which has been modified by my new puppy!!!


That is quite a lot of stock to remove for a fine rasp...but it only took a couple of minutes...


...and it was done. Of particular interest was the amount of control you feel with this rasp. It goes where you steer it and for anyone doing some accurate can be assured that it will quickly take off the waste but not overcut at all where you don't want it to. I deliberately tried to finish in straight lines by eye and the result was impressive.

On the round side...again..cutting was easy, quick and accurate and finally on the transition...V-grooves and other shapes can be cut with ease.


So...while not a comparative test...would I buy one? Absolute yes...if I did a lot of this type of work...

This is an expensive tool but great value given the work that goes into it...and the results it produces. It was a pleasure to try it out...thank you

I believe Douglas had expressed a wish to try it out and since he lives nearby I will pass to him to test and then post if that is ok Rod?

Jim - yes OK

New list:
Paul Chapman

I now have the pass-round, and will pass it on latest Friday. Very first impressions brilliant. Will report back properly soon as possible. I read the Pop Woodworking review and had to go check one thing. The obvious competitor is Auriou, and PW imply the price is similar, but I think not. I had looked at one Liogier rasp at around 48 euros... about half the price of the Auriou.
I need to investigate more, but I tested the Liogier briefly on the nastiest piece of oak I had, and it is very easy to control, fast to remove stock (relative to it's grain) and leaves a very good finish. These rasps may well be heading to my 'need' list.
p.s. why is France the foremost maker of hand-cut rasps... any idea??

(later edit) I was wondering how the last user would know how well it had kept sharpness, No Skills suggested what I missed - back to the first user. Sound idea really - Rod may consider??
Spent a little time with the rasp now, not much but enough to know it works extremely well. It's been photographed very well already so I won't bother. Here's a very quick test on some African blackwood, end-grain. Light pressure, varying the stroke angle for a great finish which took under one minute.


The rasp produces fine particles, not dust. I felt that light pressure was generally enough, especially for the final strokes. It's very comfortable to hold and use, with balance forward over the blade. The handle is nicely finished beech - not fancy but done well.
The Liogier site is very good, lots of helpful info and the video is well worth watching (the forging at 2280 degrees, the speed and accuracy that he cuts the teeth - is that Noel??)
I could use it a lot more but that isn't fair or necessary - will get it packed and onward tomorrow.
I plan to get a couple anyway, so will report back re shipping costs. I did a quick price comparison, like for like on a 9" 10 grain (the pass-round is 8" 11 grain but I couldn't find an equivalent Auriou): Liogier £53; Auriou £80. (I know this has to do with direct selling v retail, but I'm afraid I can't help that.)
These rasps are most certainly worth investigating.


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Free from RDG Tools when ever you buy something from them at ME Shows.

I have a small collection of them!

Did the "pass-around" rasp reached the next tester, which should be Promhandicam, if I'm right ?