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lignum bowling balls


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Phil Pascoe

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29 Jan 2012
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Shaft City, Mid Cornish Desert

I have three pairs, £20 per pair which I will donate to the local hospice. I will stand the P&P, but I need to sell them in pairs as I can keep two below 2kg, but can't easily keep one below Ikg. P&P is prohibitive, otherwise. I was given them and promised the lady I would get some money for them and donate it - her husband died after amputations and diabetic complications, so it is too close to me for comfort.
Very tiny hairline cracks as would be expected, but otherwise in vgc.


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I'll have a pair Phil. let me know the payment details
And a pair for me, please. Been looking for a bit but glad to find them where (a) I can be sure it is LV and (b) the sum goes to a good cause. PM me your email for PayPal?

best, Keith
I did wonder how long these would take to go (I picked them up only 20 mins before I posted) - I've kept my eye open for one for years. I've just rung the lady and told her I'd sold £60's worth and would give the money to St. Julia's Hospice in Hayle - I think she was nearly in tears.
I'd be very happy to put £20 to a good cause if there are any more reasonable pairs available.

You have first dibs on this pair for £20 - one is part turned (who knows why?) but it is plenty large enough for a mallet, and the hole is small so can be re bored to what size you wish. The other piece is 200mm x 75mm which would probably make two nice round smaller mallet heads. That'll be the last of them - I mis counted and thought I had a couple more.


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Phil Pascoe":16f2yy2s said:
Thanks everyone. I got caught for a fee of £6.83 on a charity donation. Unbelievable.
There's always someone making their cut isn't there :|

Ludicrous that there's a fee on charitable payments.
cool, will let you know when it gets here. Wonder who'll get 'em first?
Some while ago I bought at the market two 2MT Dormer drill bits, 15/16" and 1 1/16" both unused, for a tenner. I thought they might be useful one day - I think the one day might have come, I wouldn't particularly like to have to drill these with an auger.
LOL at the moment all I have access to is a 9" long pump drill and a 6" Archemides drill max size of bit for both 3mm.
Droogs":19b9cfv7 said:
LOL at the moment all I have access to is a 9" long pump drill and a 6" Archemides drill max size of bit for both 3mm.
:lol: :lol: It's going to be a long job, from personal experience they can be dammed hard.

No promises but if anyone else is desperate I might be able to get my hands on a couple of spare bowls, they might not be available now and he's away until next week so won't know for a few days.