Lidl's quibble quibble 3 year tool guarantee

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The problem with cheep Multitools is the vibration level, continued use can damage blood vessels in your hands and arms, look up vibration white finger.
Hence my comments which suggest best not bought for use on a daily basis but for occasional use then I'd very much doubt that the emitted vibrations would carry any lasting health risks.
many years ago I was talking to someone who worked for Black & Decker who told me that expected motor life was based on cost of the item. Cheap Black & Decker models were rated at 1000 hours ie could last a lifetime to a DIYer
I read many years ago that the life expectancy of the cheapest B&D drill was three hours. Five minutes a month for three years. This was thought to be the point at which if you paid little and it served your purposes for three years you'd buy the same again when it failed. The average householder might hang a shelf or something every month but very little else.

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