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late present....


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9 Aug 2008
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What did i get for Xmas..?

Every year i ask for sock and knickers..... may seem plain and boring to some, but thats what i like. Saves me having to trudge to M&S to buy them later on.

Last year i was asked (again...) what i'd like for crimbo..... so i thought, right... be VERY specific and you cant go wrong. "I'd like a Turners Retreat gift voucher please...." NO.... that was waayyy to difficult to do. I must have "Mug" or "silly person" tattoo'd on my forehead or something. What did i get last year..?? eh, eh.... come on guess, what does EVERY MAN WANT...!! No..... your wrong.... i got a fffffreaking LANTERN that you put nightlights in..!!! :twisted:

Guess what i got this year, even tho i was VERY SPECIFIC AGAIN.... and said NOTHING..!! I'll tell you what i got.... sweets, nuts, chocolate, some ginger beer.... you name it... if it can be put in your mouth then i got it.... and they wonder why i dont like Christmas. Ho bleeding ho :cry:

Alas however..... had my missus's nephew popped round earlier, with an 'off-cut' from his new kitchen worktop for me.

errr..... its approx 950 x 800mm x 40mm thick Zebrano. He wondered if i could use it to make a few pens or something..?

Good lad...... :ho2