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12 Jan 2003
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right then! I`m finally ready to get my new kity 419 table saw, but the question is from where?

I`m looking for the "package" that you often see advertised ie sliding table, extension table, stand

I`ve also heard that the larger kity table saw fence will fit the 419 with the advantage that it has a very good micro adjuster, anyone else heard this? got one?

good experiences with mail order will be a help to me (I`m always one of those unlucky people that get messed about........ "Sorry sir we lost your package" .......... "sorry sir we can only deliver DURING working hours")


(upgrade from the clarke is nearly here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
D&M tools, have delivered promptly.

Homewood in worthing have been good too.

Have you considered the ElectraBekum PKF255 package from D&M, I bought mine about a year ago for £1300 including an EB dust extractor, comes with a big sliding table a saddle, 1800mm traverse
sadly that package is twice my budget!

I`m looking at around 599 including VAT and del. (for the kity)
Johnelliott, would you like to add your table saw to the "Forum users' Table saws" thread in "Tools review" category?
Or I can add it for you. I have that table too :wink: Loving it...
MTS have it:
Although their prices seem to have a gone up a little (since they got their new snazzy website).
I ordered my p/t from them a while back as was quite pleased with the service.
Machinemart also do the Kity 419 - you may have a local branch.
I've had OK dealings with D&M too.
CYC - that's one lovely workshop - whats the size of it?
gidon":3fgnitor said:
MTS have it:
Although their prices seem to have a gone up a little (since they got their new snazzy website).
My, that is snazzy. Got the lathe from them, and they were very good when the capacitor went doo-lally. Not so chuffed when inquiring about a large and heavy piece of machinery though. At the time they claimed free delivery without caveats, but turned out it didn't apply on that particular item. Just something to be aware of.

CYC, I'm still enjoying your workshop tour even as I reply; very nice. I can just see you sittin' on your rocker come the summer, whittlin' away. :D

Cheers, Alf
Alf - I've had similiar experiences in relation to their delivery charges. It does depend who you speak to! They offered me a great deal on my p/t - then when I phoned up a week or so later they wouldn't repeat it!
Still - it's tough when you don't have good tool shop down the road.
Oh - nice website you've got there - had to tear myself away...
'Cor, everyones got a website 'cept me. Well I could make one, but, well, I'm out in the workshop building stuff.

I have got Cat5 down there though, so could setup a webcam and broadband internet if I wanted!!

Gidon - Thanks, the inside is exactly 5x3.5 metres. I am still working on setting all the powertools up as efficiently as possible. I am very confortable working in it since I made the workbench.

Asleitch - Yes it's amazing how beer can have such a motivating power!

Alf - Thank you, I am looking forward to the first summer in the workshop.

I got my Kity 419 from Machine Mart. I bought the extension table and sliding table seperately and used an old stand that I already had. Doing it this way saved me about £50 over the package price. Theextension table kit comes with two tables (Steel) and 2 long guide rails for the fence. Also a longer fence than standard and a second rear clamp for the fence. Not bad.
It really isa great saw :)
cheers tony.

Have you heard/ can you confirm that the 419 can use the larger kity fence that has a micro adjuster????
I too am interested in the Kity 419 complete with sliding rail & extension table. MachineMart had it as a package on their website but now only have the basic model & many accessories have disappeared. Could this have anything to do with the Judicial recovery & judicial liquidation in the commerce court in Strasbourg?
Many Kity fans will be unhappy if Kity can't find a new owner & supplies end.
D B Keighley have the package at £525 + VAT not sure on delivery or how good they are.

Or my local machinary shop has it at £999 + del + VAT (sucking through teeth, cant do it for less than that)

ow dear!!!!

got the money, phoned D&M, guess what, no-one can get any kity stock! not been able to for 4 months!