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8 Jun 2020
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Hi everyone! I got a kity 636 planer and thicknesser but the tables are sagging towards th cutterhead. Do you have and idea on how to make them co-planar? There are three screws on each side of both tables, but not only they are stuck and hard to reach from the inside, but I would also need to disassemble the driving mechanism to undo some of the screws. Hope you can help me.

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Hi André
The Kity is quite a nice little machine, but there is not a lot of adjustment on it, when things are not right I'm afraid it really is just a case of stripping it down and rebuilding it, using shims if necessary. Not what you wanted to hear, I know.
I had a 636 before my 637 and that had to have the sloping cylinder bar thingy filed a bit to get the beds out of wind.
When my 637 arrived, it was miles out of square. Kity sent an engineer out. He'd never seen one before. It didn't fill me with confidence. But then he said that until last week he had been servicing Chinook helicopters...
He spent 16 hours rebuilding it, so I'm glad I wasn't paying the bill. But it cam back perfect.

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