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4 Feb 2015
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Hi Folks,
As a new Kity 419 TS owner, (and a new forum user too, so apologies if I don’t get the etiquette right) I posted a message with loads of detailed questions regarding setup and fettling of the saw. I’d spend some time searching the site and googling, but hadn’t been able to find conclusive answers to some of the questions I had. The responses didn’t exactly flood in, and I wondered if this was partly because some (all?) of my questions had been addressed already in threads that I’d been unable to find.

Anyway, I’ve spend some more time searching, and done some more thinking, and I’ve come up with quite a few more anwers. I thought it might be useful to other Kity 419 owners if I compiled a list of useful posts/ideas, to try and pull some of the resources into one place.

So the following is mostly a “To Do” list for my saw. Some of the posts relate to the Axminster TS 200, but since the two saws are very similar, I think most of what I’ve posted here applies to both.
I’ll try and post WIP updates on my saw if anyone is interested…
Riving knife:
• Riving knife for TS200 by Robert MP: with a really useful picture of a Sketchup template he made:
• Eric the Viking’s post on riving knife, with useful info on mounting etc.
• Riving knife and Zero Clearance Insert (0CI) for TS200 by Highwayman

Zero Clearance Insert:
• See Highwayman’s riving knife and 0CI post above.
• Support for ”thin side” of 0CI on a TS200 by Ateallthepies:

Dust extraction and cabinet:
• Helping Kity breathe more easily (DE) by Bean:
• Nice cabinet, and great DE post by Knappers:
• Woodbloke’s DE post:
• Extraction hood by Sawdust-jonny:
• LarryS’s TS200 cabinet:

Tilt mechanism:
• Andy Pullen’s description of his tilt mech mod:
• Post from RobertMP with useful picture of TS200 tilt mech:

Sliding carriage:
• Sliding carriage end buffer by Mr Ed:
• Not a link on this forum, but worth knowing that Steve Maskery’s Workshop Essentials 7 DVD: Tablesaw Essentials has a bit on setting up a sliding carriage, and Steve uses a mate’s Kity419 to demonstrate (as well as lots of other useful TS stuff!).

• Mr Ed and GaryD's exchange on fence locking mechanism (re denting the fence):

Adjusting blade parallel to mitre slots:
• Eric the Viking's suggestions on improvements:

Hope this is useful to someone. Thanks to authors of all the posts.
Cheers, and happy Friday!
I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to thank Sven for doing all the hard work at compiling this list of threads, it has saved me a lot of searching.

I know this thread is old but it's still a good resource. Just to add some more info and a detailed description of what I did to modify my Kity 419, I refer you to this blog post which contains lots of photos and ideas

Kity 419 Table Saw Mods