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7 Jul 2019
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N Yorks
i have got a Evolution R210SMS mitre saw and have been looking for alternative blades. would anyone happen to own one and would anyone know if you could fit a 216mm blade in it? or is that just shooting myself in the foot? (hammer)

link for saw is here


otherwise its a good saw but the only downside is that it is 'a word that shall not be mentioned' difficult to find a 210mm blade with a negative rake.
Most mitre saws I've used have an adjustment screw somewhere which adjusts where the absolute bottom of the plunge stops, have a look around on your saw if there's one somewhere near the hinge. If there is you can adjust it so that there is more clearance in the trough for a larger blade, but worth checking if you've got enough clearance anyway without needing to adjust anything, you're only talking about 2.5mm extra clearance.
yep about the adjustment screw. i knew about that already (i use it with my taper jig) but i will contact evolution and ask (again). ive tried but they send a v automated CBA message. would it be OK to take an impact driver to the loosening screw?