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Roberto Flintofski

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3 May 2020
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North Lincolnshire
Still looking for a decent machine .. looked at a couple of older Scheppach units that were well past their best being passed off as 'excellent' where you could clearly see they had been abused for around the £600 mark and have looked at the Axminster offerings ( second hand ) varying from £800-£1300 they seem to hold their resale value well !

The Axminster range seems to have lost its Craft and Trade range and now brand an 'in between range as 'Axminster Workshop'

Seen this @ £1499.98 and was wondering if you have had any dealings / thoughts on it ? Thanks in advance
I have had this package for nearly 2 years

Its had a lot of use, reclaimed scaffolding boards and many many hundreds of board feet of straight grained and figured oak.

Just gone onto the second edge on the carbides only other maintenance has been to tension the drive belts a couple of months after having it which i feel is perfectly acceptable

S&S do a pre delivery set up and test of the machine prior to delivery, there were a few wood chips in the create and it planed band on in all respects about 15mins after unpacking
Don't right off the older Scheppachs, they may look rough but they were all built in Germany, and most, if not all the bits are still available

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