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Jimi43 - Lineshaft driven workshop


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Tony Spear

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6 Apr 2006
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Hinton Waldrist
Any updates on the move Jim?

P.S. re: National Gas & Oil Engines. I don't know how it came to me, but I remembered last night that I watched on Quest a programme (I assume originally on Discovery) where Tommy's mate Alan Herd was restoring a Town class narrow boat and during the programme he went to visit the factory which was making National engines, as that was what he needed for an authentic restoration. Unfortunately, I can't remember where they were located, but if you know anybody involved in that sphere, they might know. Also, I do know that the Anson Engine Museum has several National engines.



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12 Mar 2009
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Kent - the Garden of England
Hi Tony....Chris beat me to it.....

Richard now has the machines...all went to plan and I am also working on a small document with photos which will form the first part of the rebirth of the workshop in Lincolnshire....this should be completed this week and will be sent to Ben and published here.

Ben has retained the National Gas engine...I believe he is going to restore this part of the original installation as a display in the new development. It was a later edition to the workshop...and will be seen as part of the history of the place along with some other smaller relics as he restores the old building back to its original use.

I will send him a quick email directing him to your thread...in the meantime you can read the update on my original one HERE

It went relatively well...once a few hurdles were overcome!!!!!

Thanks again mate