Japanese screen restoration


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16 May 2020
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Hi there, as you can see I'm new and I have been scouring the internet for advice, I have inherited a project from my grandfather that he was half way through sorting and I have no idea how he was doing it and wondered if anyone had any ideas? It's a 4 screen folding japanese style screen with the black lacquer and mother of pearl inlays and very fine details however some monster has glossed the entire screen in white gloss paint. My grandfather has uncovered almost half of it and i am hoping to finish it off. Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.


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Remove the panels.
Then a hundred sheets of sandpaper and a couple hundred hours and it will be done. =D> =D>
OR, make new frames. Nobody will ever look at them when they can look at the panels. 8)
Problem is some of the panels are also covered in the glass also the entire back is all gloss white. I'm not afraid to put the time and effort in as it has sentimental value to me I just want to try and avoid damaging the original designs where possible