Is this woodworm ?

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3 Aug 2014
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Can someone advise whether they think this is woodworm?

I googled, and it is very similar to some woodworm pics, but also to weevil, so I can't be sure...

Found in my back garden, several meters from the house and log store, but right next to the treated wooden fence panel.

PS it's 3mm long.

I'm not sure that's a Weevil, most likely woodworm beetle in my opinion (3mm would fit). I mostly see the wormholes as opposed to the beetles so I'm no expert but someone will be along shortly I expect.
Looks like a beetle I kept seeing in my workshop. I used micro emulsion woodworm killer and never saw them again.
Are there any holes in your fence? If so, I'd apply some woodworm killer all over it. Take photos of the holes and then compare the photos to the fence in a few months to see if there are more holes.
Thanks all for the useful replies. Fences all look good, but the logs on the log store look well iffy - like new holes and dust. I might have to get rid of those logs quickly before it gets indoors into the joists. The log store is up against the wall of my Victorian brick house - do I need to worry?

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Almost certainly some kind of weevil.

whichever type of beetle it is, it is definitely not a "weevil". All weevils have distinct "knees" in their antennas - a long segment and then short bits. withe antennas often held up with the "knee" bent