Is this dining bench strong enough?

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28 Aug 2016
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I'm copying this dining bench for a customer

I'm using some live edge birch which is about 350mm wide and finishes 35mm thick.

The bench is 2m long and the brackets/legs will be about 300mm off each end so about 1.4m between the brackets.

The chap making the brackets is telling the customer it will need some more support in the middle which has got them worried, I think it will be fine.

Sit the plank on a couple pieces of wood 1.4 metres apart and see how it behaves and feels when you stand on it. If it is too bouncy then put a stringer or two on the underside so stiffen it up. A couple half round logs would look appropriate. Some of it depends on if they are slender or if they challenge the car springs when they get in for a drive.

MikeG.":2152s38g said:
Don't copy his butterflies, will you. They're poor.

They don't look particularly great on all the stuff he's got with them in, not sure whether it's a design choice (or an excuse) to match in with the rustic nature of the stuff to have gaps here and there or whether it's as you say, poor.

I definitely wouldn't be trying to sell something with such a massive gap around the butterflies, I'd take the piece out and start again.
Strong enough... Maybe, try it and see, you can add stringers if nessesary.

But, blimey his work is ugly.

I did span the timber across 2 chairs and it felt fine.

I just put it through the sagulator (I know it's for shelves really) working on a load of 80kg per foot and the result said acceptable so happy with that.

Luckily butterflies needed :roll:
35mm thick with 1.4m 'twixt the brackets would be more than ample, but the Sagulator would give you a definite answer. Agree about comments ref the butterflies; not very clever and better IMO in much darker wood - Rob