Incra track question

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20 Feb 2004
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I've got an Incra track and ShopStop. On the track, you slide in a number of black toothed plastic's the teeth on these that give you the 1/32" incremental movement. I am assuming that the same sliders are used on the rest of the Incra range....big assumption maybe.

Each slider is fixed on my track with two nuts and bolts...the sliders are moulded to accept the nut and the bolt head is held captive inside the extrusion. That's the common sense approach but if you do this then there is no way that you can tighten them up since you cannot get to the bolt heads.

So the logical solution is to make the nuts captive and then the bolt heads become accessilble for tightening. Seems to work but, if so, why are the sliders moulded to accept nuts?