I am woodworking by proxy at the moment.


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10 Mar 2007
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West Muddylands
I am still stuck in the rehab centre here in Wednesbury. So actual woodwork is OOTQ for a while.
However I have been thinking a lot and I remember I needed some shorter 'sash' cramps. One set I have are five feet long, flat bar cramps, of original Record make. I got them in the 70s. They served me well but can be unwieldy at times. I often found the need for shorter cramps.

Something obvious I had overlooked has now occurred to me. I could drill out the rivets holding the cramp heads to the flat bar, and then get some mild steel flat stock, to make spare bars of differing lengths. This way all I need do is transfer the heads and stops to another set of bars when I want a shorter length cramp. I think I will try this out with two 24 length bars. Oh dear I forgot. I have to get well and home again first! :lol:

Another plus is easy storage of the bars and heads and no need for cramp racks on a wall!
Hope I can find Imperial flat stock to suit!

What say folks?

John (hammer)
Can you pickup some rubbish fittings you can use using wood as your main bar and you can do any length you require

I once had four Paramo cramp heads and tails that were specifically designed to be used with Imperial 2" x 1" timber.
They were not rubbish exactly, and I used them a lot, but they were never particularly good. the timber 'bars' distorted very easily under pressure and they didn't do a proper job. I did consider using them with suitable sized box section mild steel bars as an improvement, but in the end I gave them away to a beginner who did make box section bars for them!
This latest suggestion is just an idea I have kicking around!

John (hammer)
The problem isn't the Paramo clamp heads, it's the timber used.
I have 2 sets of these heads in use, the timber is cut out from 2x4 stud work timber, I've never felt they were even close to bending.
The Paramo heads, in my experience are better made than some other well known makes, its the angled slot that pulls them down on to the timber, other rely on accurate hole drilling to control the final angle of the clamping faces.

Quite agree Bod. That's why I thought about box section bars of the right size. They have to be a better option. However, I decided to let someone else make the conversion.

John (hammer)
I have Record cramp heads mounted on box section steel. 25 x 50 mm in my case but, warning, clamp sizes are not all standardised between makes, so check yours before buying. They work extremely well (I was careful with the drilled hole positions) and can pull a huge force. Yes I need that sometimes :).
Am I right in believing that these heads nowadays are cast iron; as opposed to drop forged which I believe was once the case. just like the G cramps. I have cast iron 12" G cramps which are pretty good for cast iron. £2.50 each from Trago Mills in the 80s. Made in China. :D

John (hammer)
Thanks MM.

I dunno, but my cramps are still going strong. I use coke bottle caps over the ends of the screw threads BTW.