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14 Dec 2021
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Hello All

I am going to lay some Howdens V click laminate flooring in my daughter’s hallway and cloak room. The instructions say leave a 12mm expansion gap around all edges, do I need to put anything in the gap? Cork strips or mastic.
Thanks in advance for any advice from members who install Howdens flooring.
Not laid any Howdens flooring but in principle any floor will move over time so an expansion gap around it is essential to prevent warping or lifting - I remember back in the day a mates dad had had parquet laid in a new-build open plan living room and with no expansion gaps left the floor expanded and started pushing some curtain window frames out of kilter....
Most times the best way to do this is to remove the existing skirting in the hall and cloakroom and lay the new flooring such that the edge is hidden under the skirting board when that is refitted.
Of course getting the old skirting off without damaging it or the walls can be challenging...
The alternative is IMHO ugly - lay your new floor 12mm from the existing skirting and glue or tack a moulding/beading of choice over the top but fixed only to the architrave thus allowing the floor to move underneath without putting any stress on the newly applied moulding