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I've been lurking for a bit and wishing I had a lot more time to spare to have a go at making some things we need about the house. I have a small collection of wordworking tools from small jobs I have done so far but before I set off on something a bit more complex like a TV/hi-fi unit or a bookcase I would like to take some courses. I've not had any classroom tuition since I was a school and although I have managed a few things like half lap joints, simple router rebates for a garage rack system and a frame for a garden gate, I'd like to learn to walk better before I start running.

Even though I live in High Wycome, supposedly the furniture making heart of the country, I have not found anything appropriate at any level short of enrolling on a degree course at Buckinhamshire Chilterns University College! Does anyone have any suggestions?



Hi Trevor,

I'd be surprised of there wasn't a local adult education course on woodworking in your area. About now is when the info for the next academic year comes out, so you'll probably want to move fast before all the places go. Usually with woodworking courses the same people keep going back, simply to have access to the tools. Where you go to find out what's on I don't know (we get a list of them through the door round here) but I suppose the local council or the library? If there isn't one, then I reckon someone should point out the need PDQ! Failing that you might be able to find a private course via the ads in woodworking magazines. Or maybe (off the top of my head thought) some poverty stricken student from the college would agree to help you and their beer fund at the same time? :wink:

Cheers, Jester


I was hoping, as you mentioned, to get something through the door about now but nothing so far. The Bucks CC website has nothing I could find on the subject but the small ads sounds like a good place to look. I don't normally buy too many woodworking magazines as I just sit and drool over the tool reviews and the full page ads of goodies for sale but I'll have a peek in Smiths on Saturday. The college also has a "shop" I found out last night where they have all their course information on display and advisors on hand, so I'll pop in there on my way to Smiths too.

Thanks for the suggestions.


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17 Sep 2002
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Try asking which colleges locally do City & Guilds courses, especially C&G 6955-08/6955-31 Hand Crafted Cabinet Making or 6955-16/6955-41 Wood Machining as these courses both require a fully equipped wood machining shop and colleges running them generally run what they refer to as vocational classes. Follow this link to the C&G website http://www.city-and-guilds.co.uk/se...&_fdisplaymode=1&_fcalledfrom=1&_fdisplayurl= or ring them on 020 7294 2800. And do a search on Where To Study/Construction or /Furniture and then select a course and enter your postcode and the site will tell you the nearest colleges. May seem like a long way round, but if they have the facilities to teach C&G they will have the right level of equipment to make classes instructive and enjoyable.

Learn Direct (on 0800 101901) may also be able to point you in the right direction. It's worth a try even if you're not looking for a qualification.


i also live in wycombe and you should have got a booklet with lists of all the asvailiable part time courses though trhe door about 6 weeks ago.

mines in the bin but there was loads of stuff everthing from bricklaying to baby massage



Thanks Aleks

I'll ask She Who Must Be Obeyed if one arrived. Of course, if it was delivered with The Star (that's a local free paper folks, not a low quality red top newspaper) we would not have got one. For some reason my road does is missed from the distribution.

Not to worry, I'll try the college "shop" in the the shopping centre to see if they have any, and then the library.

Thanks for the info.