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21 Feb 2021
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Hi All,

I have a garage with a pitched roof and would like to build a small wood store for 2M lengths of wood and general offcuts to free up space on the floor.
I am not sure of the best construction to make for this also the pitch is quite high due to the ground level difference so the lowest beam is 3M from the floor , so would be nice if it is under hung from the beam a bit , to allow me to reach the wood from a step and not a full sized ladder.

I am sure many people of made this type of thing before in their workshop so I am hoping I could pinch there ideas for me to use?

Any suggestions and ideas welcome , I have attached a photo of the area so you can see the orientation of the beams.



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I'd just make two or more 'U' shaped (or 'E' on its back) frames and hang them from the joists/rafters. You can make the vertical sections as long as you like so the whole thing is above head height but low enough to access easily. Space them to accommodate the longest and shortest lengths of wood you want to store up there.
Have fun
Safest place to increase loading on the gangnail trusses will be closet to the walls.
Definitely nowhere near the mid span point.
You could also use the walls to provide additional support and to take some loading from the trusses.
That roof don't look strong enough, you might be saying now "Just a few bits" but over time that will build up and you will be surprised how much all those bits weigh. Build a narrow floor standing rack attached to the wall and you wont distort or ruin you roof structure., be easier to get too to.

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