How long do you keep your tools for?

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12 Sep 2017
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Right, I'm a bit of a newbie by some standards having done the woodworking thing for only about 40 years! Practice doesn't always make perfect!

Now I am having a workshop sort out and in the process have found many old friends, ashamed to say forgotten at the back of a cupboard but fondly remembered as they re-appeared. Nothing special, a Makita hand sander, a Dewalt hand sander, a Bosch router etc etc.

The thing is that they have been forgotten as technology advanced over the may years, and for better or for worse, nearly every one of my tools is now Dewalt XR 18v (for better actually).

Please bear in mind that although my old stuff all works, it is all old and in monetary terms quite worthless, and also very grubby.

I have thought of charity shops, but they don't want it because it's not PAC tested.

Men's shed weren't interested, they had plenty already.

I have given stuff away for free in the past, but without exception the characters that arrive give me the creeps. I hate the way they scan my other stuff looking at what else might be available, often actually asking me if I have anything else or spot something and ask me if I want it? No, not pleasant.

I could polish it all up and stick it back in the cupboard, but ultimately that's going to be grief for someone else.

So what do people do with their old stuff?
Out here, anything not wanted is just left out beside the rubbish bins. It goes in minutes usually, with no come backs or stupid questions asked.

Everything from broken plastic garden chairs to complete beds. Gone.
Sell it on gumtree or similar

Avoid the peering eyes, if someone arranges to come and buy or collect put the item in the boot of your car, serve them from the boot, nothing else in view

Anything Makita or DeWalt will sell, if only for a fiver but often much more

Ebay, collect only

Gumtree, Preloved etc

Someone will be glad of them
Tools with a Mission or similar organisations, there are several. If they don't think it appropriate to ship them to Africa, they may be able to use them in their own workshops to renovate other tools. Or they'll get whatever they can for them in disposal.
A little while ago, I was in a similar situation with a table saw. I'd had my monies worth from it, and it was a little marked but relatively unused. I had upgraded to a new Bosch TS. My dilemma was that the TS was too good to take to the tip - or leave out by the bin, so I offered it FOC to anyone who could collect in the For Sale section.

a couple of forum members expressed an interest, so I drew one at random, and a very nice chap (@WhiteWizard on here) came to collect it and was very grateful to receive a working tool at no cost to him.

So i would offer it on here FOC collected. I doubt you would get anybody dodgy, but more likely to get someone who might want to try out a new tool at no / little cost to them.
Some charity shops will take electricals

I do the portable appliance testing for Age Concern in my town :D

Forever, or until I turn up my toes! Whichever is the soonest.

Seriously, I do sell stuff occasionally, but only when I know I am never going to use a tool again.

I don't sell items I had as presents mind.

I seem to be at odds with the thread subject. How long do I keep tools , or what do I do with unwanted items? Which is it? Well my answers are above.

Sorry Lurker; thought it was your original post!

John (hammer)
Stanleymonkey":3j5ink0n said:
Second hand tool shop in Wallington. Depends on which side of London you are on though.

Thanks for that, I'm local to Wallington and have found them on the web. Cheers :D
Keep them. There'll be a time when someone will ask to borrow a belt sander or jig saw.