. (how do you change your mind about starting a new thread ?)


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5 Oct 2014
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Side note.
How do you cancel a create topic/thread reply should you change your mind and decide not to post. All I can think of is a couple of dots.
Is there a cancel feature the mods can turn on, or if it is on, how do i use/find it ?
When you want to start a new thread, you use the Post Thread button / icon to bring up the template for your new thread. If you then change your mind before or after typing, all I can think of is to just hit the <back arrow on your browser before saving / posting.
Your draft will not be saved or posted unless you click a button to make that happen so any words in the first post should vanish and the thread won't be created.

Other than that, just click <report> on your own post and add a note asking your mods to delete the post, thread whatever. It doesn't happen very often and we're happy to help out.
Another way if you have not actually posted is to just click on the "Forums" button at the top of the page which refreshes the pages but as @Sideways has mentioned that any issues just ask .

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